Museums of Türkiye's historical and cultural capital, İstanbul.

As Türkiye’s most densely populated city, İstanbul is home to considerable percentage of fascinating museums and historical monuments. Türkiye's Statistical Institute (Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu) reported that there are more than 300 museums throughout the Türkiye. Most visited and wanted to visit museums are located in İstanbul, with more than 70 state and private museums uncovering a whole range of artifacts and offering the chance to explore the old city's rich history.

İstanbul’s most important monuments such as Hagia Sophia began to emerge in the Byzantine period and the city was then beautified further during the days of the Ottoman Empire era which reveal by magnificence, stability and wealth. For more than 1600 years İstanbul was the capital city of dignified empires like Roman, Byzantine and ultimately the Ottomans. Old city İstanbul was embellished respectively with imperial monuments and composed a metropolis where diverse cultures, nations and religions mixed. Those cultures, nations, traditions and religions are the texture of İstanbul which constituted by history of mankind.

You can visit below state museums with İstanbul pass which offered by city culture and tourism department. İstanbul's museums pose a glimpse into the rich culture of the ancient city and gives you a heart-warming welcome.


Save time, money and stress during your visit to İstanbul:

(1) Topkapı Palace Museum

(Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi, Τοπ Καπί, Палата Топкапи, Palazzo di Topkapı, トプカプ宮殿) (GoogleMaps)

(2) İstanbul Archaeology Museums

(Next to Topkapı Palace Museum Complex) (GoogleMaps)

(3) Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum

(Across The Blue Mosque) (GoogleMaps)

(4) Galata Tower Museum

(Near Galata Mevlevi Museum) (GoogleMaps)

(5) Great Palace Mosaics Museum

(Byzantine Palace Mosaics – Behind Blue Mosque) (GoogleMaps)

(6) Rumeli Fortress Museum

(Castle Next To 2nd Bridge of Bosphorus) (GoogleMaps)

(7) Maiden's Tower Museum

(Small Lantern Tower On a Bosphorus Straight Islet) (GoogleMaps)

(8) Hagia Irene Museum

(Located Inside The Topkapı Palace Museum's First Yard) (GoogleMaps)

(9) Topkapı Palace Museum Harem

(Located Inside The Topkapı Palace Museum) (GoogleMaps)

(10) Galata Mevlevi House Museum

(Whirling Dervishes Museum – Near Galata Tower Museum) (GoogleMaps)

(11) Fethiye (Pammakaristos)Museum

(Former Greek Orthodox Patriarchal Church) (GoogleMaps)

(12) Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam

(Inside The Gülhane Park Which is Adjacent to and on the Grounds of the Topkapı Palace Museum) (GoogleMaps)

(13) Adam Mickiewicz Museum

(Historic house museum dedicated to the life of Adam Mickiewicz, renowned Polish poet) (GoogleMaps)

İstanbul Museum Pass offers additional discounts  from private museums to various tourist attractions across the city.

Last Updated: Friday 19 April 2024
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Fatih Sultan Mehmet, (1432 – 1481)
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