Museums of Turkeys historical and cultural capital, Istanbul.

As Turkey’s most populous city, it is home to a whole range of fascinating public and private museums. According to Turkey's Statistical Institute, there are more than 300 museums throughout the Turkey. Most of them are located in Istanbul, with a colossal 60 museums showcasing a whole variety of artefacts and offering the chance to explore the country’s rich heritage. Take a look at the museums below which you can visit with museum pass Istanbul. Istanbul museums present a glimpse into the rich culture of the city and give a heart-warming welcome.

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1- Topkapı Palace Museum [⇗] (Topkapı Sarayı Müzesi, Τοπ Καπί, Палата Топкапи, Palazzo Topkapi, トプカプ宮殿, قصر توبكابي).

2- Istanbul Archaeology Museums [⇗] (Next to Topkapi Palace Museum Complex).

3- Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum [⇗] (Across The Blue Mosque).

4- Galata Tower Museum [⇗] (Near Galata Mevlevi Museum).

5- Great Palace Mosaics Museum [⇗] (Byzantine Palace Mosaics – Near Blue Mosque).

6- Rumeli Fortress Museum [⇗] (Castle Next To 2nd Bridge of Bosphorus).

7- Hagia Irene Museum [⇗] (Inside The Topkapi Palace Museum's First Yard).

8- Topkapı Palace Museum Harem Department [⇗] (Inside The Topkapi Palace Museum).

9- Galata Mevlevi Lodge Museum [⇗] (Whirling Dervishes Museum – Near Galata Tower).

10- Fethiye (Pammakaristos)Museum [⇗] (Former Greek Orthodox Patriarchal Church).

11- Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam [⇗] (Inside The Gulhane Park).

12- Adam Mickiewicz Museum [⇗] (Historic house museum dedicated to the life of Adam Mickiewicz, renowned Polish poet).

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